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In our studio it is possible to record the song or to make musical arrangement and recordings for  children with the professional equipment

We have the top quality technology of sound recording. We can acquire you any equipment of sound recording, including condenser and tube microphones   different types of Samson to Neumann and any sound fx processor  in your choice (But according to your possibilities). We can invite the best sound engineers worldwide . 

We create very difficult arrangements with not limited quantity Audio, MIDI and VST tracks.

We can record realtime 16 audio channels. 
We can create covers of the famous song or to write a new one.

We can invite american or french musicians with very expensive instruments. Even the Ludwig drumset (For those that knows). Even Gibson, Gretch, Fender, Yamaha custom guitars and original vintage amplifiers. There are not limitations! Only the budget. But it not
mean not a low  financing will not assure the qualitative sound.

The recording of music and video capture / the production of the single – it is a long and difficult process, but we can assure the quality of the sound as well as Sound City and the European standards of the quality of video. We don`t make «spoilt job»

If you want to create a new hit or to record the song - let`s make it together!

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